Clippers Only 1 Game Behind First-Place Toledo


Improvement has been the key for the Columbus Clippers this season.   

The Clippers are in the midst of a 10 game road stand.  They split their first 2 games with Indianpolis losing 3-8 and winning 6-5,  finish out their next 3 of their 4 games this weekend against International League North first-place Pawtucket (won 4-3 last night), and finish their last 4 games next week against the other team tied for the first-place International League North, the Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees. 

They have the best record of any AAA team in the last 10 games going 8-2. As long as Columbus doesn’t fall apart, or go into too many slumps, they should be able to make the playoffs this season.  Hopefully they can keep doing well and take first place in the International League West.

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