Buckeyes Shutout Youngstown State

The Buckeyes opening game against subdivision Youngstown State was what was expected – a 43-0 shutout – except for two things: Chris Wells leaving the game due to his injury and the inefficiency to score in the Red Zone. 

Before Chris Wells hurt his foot and left the game in the 3rd quarter, he rushed 13 times for 111 yards and 1 touchdown.  On the Buckeyes opening posession, on 4th and short, Wells conveyed his explosiveness by scoring his touchdown on a 42 yard run.  When the Buckeyes were in the Red Zone in the third quarter, Wells seemed to have slipped and messed up his footing and immediately fell down fumbling the football.  Now, the news and talk from Buckeye football fans is about how bad the injury is and what week will Wells come back?  


If the Heisman contender is gone for the whole season (I don’t think he will be), is the Buckeyes season over and do they not stand a chance against USC?   No, the Buckeyes are still loaded with talent and just have to work around it.  The other running backs like Saine, Herron are still solid, but the built and explosiveness of a guy like Wells cannot be replaced. 

In the Red Zone, the Buckeyes struggled to score touchdowns and found themselves relying on special teams to kick field goals.  After Chris Wells touchdown on the opening posession, the next two series, the Buckeyes failed to score touchdowns and kicked two field goals.  All the Buckeyes touchdowns – except Pryor’s TD Run –  were big plays from outside the Red Zone (Wells 43 yard run, Robiskie’s 31 yard catch, & Posey’s 25 yard grab).

Hopefully the Buckeyes can improve their Red Zone performance and do better in the Red Zone next week against Ohio University and future opponents.  Also, let’s hope Chris Wells will be back on the field soon.  USC will be a lot tougher to matchup against and their defense will not give up big plays and scores like Youngstown State did on Saturday.

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