Columbus Tour de Cure Cycling Event


In June this past summer, the Tour de Cure cycling event took place in Columbus, Ohio. The start and finish line for the Columbus event was at Westerville Central High School. The Tour de Cure is a series of fundraising bicycle rides in 40 states for individual riders and teams to help benefit the American Diabetic Association. The tour in Columbus featured over 43 teams, sponsors, and different riders to help raise funds for finding a cure for diabetes.


Registration for the Tour de Cure

In only his first year, Jarrod Weiss, the Tour de Cure director, said “We met our goal with 380 riders. Some of the teams are pretty big.” The Tour de Cure would not have been successful without all the volunteers, planning committees and sponsorships.


Members of Team Think Urban

Roy Burnhm, a Columbus Outdoor Pursuit Bicycle leader who has been on the Tour de Cure Committee since 1999, did the logistics and route planning of the event. Not only has he volunteered, but has rode in a few tours such as Cleveland, Ohio; Buffalo, New York; St Louis, Missouri and Madison, Wisconsin. Roy remarked, “The tour has really helped people with this particular disease and challenged them by exercising. The tour helps people live better lives by riders.”

Burnhm and others fulfill the advocacy role for newly diagnosed diabetics. They talk to Senators in Ohio and try to make health-care affordable for all diabetics under State mandated plan called the Diabetes Cost Reduction Act (DCRA).

Scott Herman and Sharon Cotter, members of team Starbucks, completed the 30 mile tour in a little over 2 hours. Herman and Cotter commented, “The money raised goes to diabetes and Starbucks matches. We would do it again but start training earlier because were pretty tired. The wind kicked up a few hills and made it tougher. The layout of the tour was nice, nice scenery and not a lot of traffic.”

The Tour de Cure offered different length rides for the each type of rider. The lengths of Saturday’s rides were 12, 30, 60, and 100 miles. The tour started at Westerville Central High School, went through Gelena, Sunberry, Centerburg, Johnstown, and all the way back to Westerville Central High School.

Frank Hall, a member of Cops and Westerville Bike Club — in his 7th year riding –said, “This year it was hotter, well marked, well supported, and got a lot of volunteers. It was flat and hilly and a good challenge.”

The people who came out to participate in the Tour de Cure Saturday were different type of riders. Some of the riders were avid cyclists, some were recreational, some came out because it was a local event, and others just came out to ride with their families.


The Vergara Family after the Tour de Cure

The Vergara family decided to do the Tour de Cure because they wanted to do something as family and grandpa had diabetes. The Vergara family remarked, “It was a good fun family ride. It was a big adventure.”

Avid cyclists like Frank Daughtery, captain of the 45-member Team Roll, rides about 3,000 miles a year. He is a member of the Westerville Bike Club and on the Planning Committee, and he completed the 60 mile ride on a fixed gear in only 3 hours and 30 minutes.

“I am shocked at the donation of money to sponsor me and I am shocked with the impact of diabetes. I did it on a fixed gear and it wasn’t anything easy,” asserts Daughtery. “Having food and a tent is a huge improvement and is making it to the next level. The long term goal is making it a health fair day.”


Cute young girls on the ride as well

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