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It looks a little like a cross between baseball and field hockey, but it is one of the most popular sports in India (a nation with a population 5 times that of the United States). You probably won’t read about it in the Columbus Dispatch, but right here in central Ohio there are actually competitive teams playing cricket, such as the Columbus Cricket Club, Gahanna Cricket Club, and Ohio State University Cricket Club.

“Most people don’t know about it and not enough advertising on TV and paper,” states Bharat Jataprolu, one of the founding members of the Columbus Cricket Club. “If it gets more exposure, it will become more popular and people will pick up on the rules.”

Founded in 1998, the Columbus Cricket Club (CCC) is a competitive men’s league that begins in June and ends in September. Most of the players are aged from the mid-twenties to early thirties. The club practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 pm at Emerald Fields in Dublin, Ohio. On weekends, they travel to play other Cricket Clubs in different states and cities. The CCC has performed well thus far, winning 7 of 8 league games.


The quickest explanation of cricket is it’s a game with two teams of 11 members each that is played on a field having two “wickets” 22 yards apart. The objective is to score the most runs by batting the ball far enough so that one is enabled to exchange wickets before the ball is recovered. Cricket games are played in two innings, but the (CCC) games typically last 5-7 hours.

A wicket is a set of stumps and bails; the pitch; or the dismissal of a batsman. A batsman is a player on the batting side, or a player whose specialty is batting. This is a more detailed explanation for the rules of Cricket.

There are people that have played Cricket, such as Hari Sundram, captain of the team, who has played Cricket since he was four. “I love Cricket and it is comparable to soccer in Latin America, asserts Bharat Jataprolu. It’s like a religion. People skip work, school, etc.”

There aren’t many American adults that play Cricket. The Cricket Club teams are comprised mainly of people from Indian and Pakistani heritage.

“Most American adults are reluctant to pick it up because they didn’t grow up with it,” states Jataprolu.


When asked why they continue to play cricket, instead of picking up baseball, Suhas Londhe, president of the Columbus Cricket Club answered, “Most of us are from India and grew up with Cricket. We are really passionate about Cricket and didn’t grow up with baseball.”

On the other hand, Bharat Jataprolu and several others have tried playing softball. “I tried playing softball and wasn’t good at it, exclaims Bharat. I didn’t grow up with baseball.”


   cricket-equip.png                                            cricket-field.png          

A cricket bat, front and back.                                           A typical cricket field


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