Bengals Commentary

The Cincinnati Bengals lost to the San Francisco 49ers Saturday evening 20-13.  Besides the fact, that the Bengals could never beat the 49ers, I’m not going to summarize everything that happened in the game. Instead I’m going to give my commentary on the Bengals.

The Bengals are one of the worst franchises in NFL history. The loss to the 49ers gave the Bengals another losing season. Is this franchise cursed? They have never won a Super Bowl and when they went to the playoffs in 2005 – it was the first time in 17 years since 1988 – the year they went to the Super Bowl and lost to the 49ers. Look at how many losing seasons and coaching changes the Bengals have had since they went to the Super Bowl.

Last year, the Bengals had several games where all they had to do was win or do something simple in the game to win and clinch a playoff spot, instead they found a way to lose and blew a winning season, and dropped to 8-8 for another neutral season under the Marvin Lewis era.

I thought this year the Bengals were going to have a winning season at 9-7 before the season started. In the preseason, Marvin Lewis is playing suspended for half the season Chris Henry at wide receiver. What kind of discipline is that? In the past two years, the Bengals have started to turn into the Cincinnati Convict football team. The Bengals need a change of personnel and a coach who knows how to discipline his team.

The only hope and thing to look forward to for the rest of the season for the Bengals and all the Bengals fans is beating the Browns this Sunday in Cincinnati in the Ohio or Ohio State rivalry. The classic Ohio State rivalry featuring the Northeast Ohio kids from Cleveland and other northeast suburbs versus the Southwest kids from Cincinnati and other southwest suburbs. The Bengals can beat the Browns this Sunday and lessen their chances for the playoffs and all the Southwest Ohio kids can take pride in beating the Browns in part 2 of the rivalry, after losing in part 1, 51-45 in a high scoring game at Cleveland back on September 16th.

My prediction is this: if the Bengals offense plays like they did in the first meeting, and unlike last time if the defense shows up this time and  plays solid defense, then the Bengals should beat the Browns by at least 2 or 3 touchdowns on Sunday and put all the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio kids in their place.

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