Buckeyes Lose Again in Title Game

Well, it was deja vou all over again for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Just like last year, the Buckeyes came out strong from the get-go. Ohio State scored early on a Beanie Wells 65 yard touchdown run; reminding fans of Ted Ginn’s opening kickoff return for a touchdown. After that score in last year’s game, players and fans were hyped thinking they would easily beat Florida, but Florida would come back to score 41 unanswered points to route and shock the Buckeyes 41-14.

This year it was similar as Ohio State scored 10 quick points in less than 6 minutes into the game making the score 10-0. LSU would comeback scoring 24 unanswered points to go into the half leading 24-10.

Although the Buckeyes played a little better in this year’s title game than last year’s title game, the Buckeyes shot themselves in the foot with penalties and mistakes at costly times. If you look at the stat sheet, the Buckeyes had more total yards than LSU and seemed to outplay them, but the turnovers, penalties, Robiskie’s dropped touchdown pass, blocked field goal, and missed tackles made the Buckeyes pay the price.

A big turning play in the 2nd half of the game was when the punt that an OSU defender tried to block missed and was called for a personal foul, followed by another personal foul on OSU the next play that LSU took adavantage of on the opening drive as if it were a gift in the 2nd half to score a touchdown to make it 31-10, instead of OSU stopping LSU and getting the football back. OSU also had other plays throughout the game they didn’t complete (i.e. blocked field goal, Robiskie’s dropped touchdown pass, and turnovers).

OSU fans were down after that touchdown to make it a 21 point deficit, but later in the 3rd quarter Malcolm Jenkins would intercept a pass and take it to the LSU 6 yard line. The Buckeyes would capitalize on a fourth down from the 6 yard line on a Brian Robiskie touchdown making it 31-17. This put OSU fans back on their heels thinking there was still hope.

However, in the fourth quarter Ohio State was faced with another 4th down situation, when it was 4th and 7 on the LSU 34. Todd Boeckman was sacked for an 11 yard loss and fumbled the football to LSU. That was another momentum changer in the game, making OSU fans losing hope of coming back. LSU scored a touchdown on an OSU turnover on a different drive, and OSU played for pride scoring a touchdown that was too late to make a difference with less than a minute left in the 4th quarter to make the final score 38-24.

The SEC curse continues as Ohio State is still winless against SEC teams in bowl games with a 0-9 record. Even though Ohio State lost, the Buckeyes still finished in the top 5 in the country and OSU fans can still be proud of a season that OSU did better than what was expected. OSU was expected to finish 3rd in the Big Ten and have a rebuilding season; instead it was a reloading season and a trip to the title game for the 3rd time in the last 6 years. How many other teams have been to the national championship that many times in the last 6 years? OSU will be back again next year, we will have to wait and see who stays and leaves for the NFL, but expect the Buckeyes to be ranked in the pre-season top 10 and have another great season in 2008.

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    Interesting viewpoint… I still think the team from Ann Arbor is better

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