#22/23 Xavier Musketeers Blowout #16/#19 Dayton Flyers

Well, it wasn’t a surprise to me that Xavier blew out Dayton 69-43 Thursday Night at the Cintas Center in Cincinnati.

I knew and predicted before the game that the Dayton Flyers would lose at least by 15 or more points against Xavier. There are a few reasons why I knew Dayton was going to lose:

1. Dayton has lost the last 22 straight games in Cincinnati to Xavier. 
2. Dayton was playing without 2 key contributing athletic scorers Charles Little (4th on the team in scoring) and Chris Wright (2nd on the team). 
3. I saw before the game started on the UD Pride message board that Brian Roberts had been sick all week.

If you look at the box score, Dayton had terrible stats and Xavier outplayed them in every category of the game. There is no way on a typical night that your going to win when your leading scorer (Brian Roberts) is held to 5 points, you shoot piss poor from 3 for the second straight game (2-of-18 ), and your seniors on the team don’t step up . 

Roberts was held to a season low 5 points and no one else stepped up on the team.  If you look at the post game quotes, Coach Brian Gregory talked about Brian Roberts being sick this week and feeling drained while having cramps throughout the game. UD will continue to lose games until Chris Wright and Charles Little make their return towards the end of the season or someone steps up, especially seniors like Jimmy Binnie and Andres Sandoval.  Neither of them had a field goal in the game just like last game against UMass.

Lets hope Charles Little and Chris Wright have speedy recoveries from their injuries because we really suck without them. Hopefully they will be making their returns in a month when we take on Xavier back at home.

Dayton’s next game is at Richmond Saturday night.

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  1. FlyerFan says:

    Unfortunately, Dayton is going to have a tough time the rest of the season. Little and Wright aren’t going to be back in time to help the team; Roberts is drained; and it’s clear that players such as Sandoval and Binnie (Senior forward Binnie is scoreless in 2 straight games) are only role players and can’t be counted on to fill-in.

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