Bengals Draft Picks

The Cincinnati Bengals made 10 selections in the 2008 NFL draft in New York this weekend. The Bengals draft picks were made up of 3 wide receivers, 2 outside linebackers, 2 defensive tackles, 1 offensive tackle, 1 safety, and 1 tight end. 

Here is a the list of the Bengals selection:

1   (9) Keith Rivers OLB  USC

2 (46) Jerome Simpson  WR Coastal Carolina

3 (77) Pat Sims DT Auburn

3 (97) Andre Caldwell WR Florida

4 (112) Anthony Collins OT Kansas

5 (145) Jason Shirley DT Fresno State

6 (177) Corey Lynch  S Appalachain State

6 (207) Matt Sherry TE Villinova

7 (244) Angelo Craig DE Cincinnati

7 (246) Mario Urrutia WR Louisville

An issue of concern is why the Bengals selected DT Jason Shirley who was in and out of trouble last season at Fresno State.  The selection just reflects on the management and personnel for Cincinnati.  One would think that after what happened with Chris Henry, that the personnel and management would be smart enough to consider that kind of intangible.  Another interesting pick came in the second round, when the Bengals chose Jerome Simpson from Coastal Carolina, when there were a few other big name and higher ranked wide receivers still avaliable, such as Texas WR Limas Sweed, but maybe Simpson will have an impact for the Bengals and end up being a good pick. 

The players selected won’t make the Bengals have a winning season this year, but lets hope they have the potential to make the Bengals a better team and have a winning season in the future. 

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